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Solo/Duo show to be held at Michigan Artist Gallery in Traverse City, Michigan. Here is one work from the show "Being Seen". 





Funky Ferndale Weekend!

Had a great time at Funky Ferndale and met some great artists. LOVED the work of PYRO's glass-blown pieces and can't wait to use my Lake Michigan tumbler (my title, because it reminds me of the blue of the Great Lakes). Thanks to everyone who came out.






P.S. I hear PYRO has an event coming up October 10 and 11. 





Just dropped work off at Grove Gallery in East Lansing for their first Fall Show. Deb is such a lovely person, so complimentary and thoughtful. I can't wait to see how it all looks in the gallery!


6/8/15 Monday




I am terrible at blogging. I have accepted that. :)




Participated in a wood-fire on Friday and it was wonderful! Hung out with Liz and Colleen from 10pm Friday until 6am Saturday morning. I admit, I did hit a wall a few times, drank more coffee, fed more wood into the kiln, and I was awake again. Checking the internal temp every 15 minutes helped as well. We see our fired pieces in 7 days. Yay!


Liz and I stoking the fire after adding wood, at about midnight.


After bricking the bottom stoke holes, adding wood to the grate-area, about 3am.

8/3/14 Monday


It was a beautiful weekend at the Brighton Acoustic Music and Fine Arts Festival! The weather really could not have been better. I enjoyed chatting with those that stopped into the booth. I am excited to get back into the studio to create some of the work we discussed. 


I will be adding the work from the show to my website in the next two days for those of you that are looking for work from the show. 


Right now it is time to hang out with my family, paint the kitchen and hallway, and reorganize after the festival. These things help me to feel grounded before I start creating again.


What is next? Funky Ferndale  in September. I will be welding again in order to get ready for it. Fun fun fun!



5/29/14 Thursday


Website is up to date! Yay! Only took me two days to reorganize and complete it. Tomorrow I can work in the studio and create some tiles and wall-hangings. 


5/27/14 Tuesday


ELAF was fun and I met some amazing artists. Sometimes my booth neighbors are not very chatty, but these ladies and gentlemen were very kind, helpful, and fun to spend two days with. I really appreciate that! What shall the rest of the summer bring? Not sure yet. Going to go to the studio and start with tiles and light switch covers today. 



5/7/14 Wednesday


10 days until East Lansing Art Festival (set-up on the 16th). I wonder how the weather will be during the festival. 54 degrees right now, 85 tomorrow. Michigan.


2/28/14 Friday


Ordering panels for my booth space today. It's such a large purchase so I'm a little nervous but excited as well. I am getting Pro Panels because as my friend Liz says "Classy always works". Plus, with the panels and the whole set up done, I can concentrate fully on the artwork. That's what it is supposed to be about, right?


This is one piece of 5, all ladies interacting with some animal or animal form or spirit or being. She is standing but looks great affixed to the wall horizontally as well. Hopefully I will be able to fire her soon but it is -2 F here today so I will need to wait a little longer. 






2/26/14 Wednesday


Just found out I will be doing the East Lansing Art Festival this year. Time to get moving on making making making. Firing has been tough during our Artic Freeze here in Michigan but that makes more time for making. A few smaller pieces I have been working on...








New year, new things to learn! Starting this year, blogging is the goal.


I am reading Austin Kleon's book "Show Your Work", (austinkleon.com/show-your-work/). He promotes blogging and other ways to get your work "out there" so, in the spirit of his fun book, I will try to post my work each day in the hopes that it will not only communicate what is happening in my studio, but will also keep my focused.


Below is a encaustic work (layers of wax over layers of images and color) that I completed at a workshop in Park City, UT with Daniella Woolf. I would like to reinterpret it in welded steel, when the weather here gets a bit warmer :)

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